A Word Cloud of The Top Authors of 2018 According to WordPress

Wow, a full year of blogging.  It seems impossible to think that it’s been an entire year already.  I’ve so much enjoyed sharing my bookish thoughts with everybody, and hearing what other people had to say.  Which is why, I am thrilled to read everyone’s end of the year book favorites.  But, as much as I love WordPress, it is not good at seeing things in the broader sense.  So, I put together a wordcloud of compiled authors from everyone’s favorites of 2018.

Of course it is super skewed; I picked the first fifty blog posts from the”best books of 2018″ and “favorite books of 2018” search.  You can see the results of the individual books here.  But this post is about the authors, the people who wrote the best books.    The word cloud is pictured here:




Let’s Discuss:

The first important thing to note is the diversity of favorites that I sifted through; they were a reminder that each individual blogger has a very distinct taste.  And yet, with all those differences in opinion, there were still some that rose to the top.  Mostly YA authors, with a few surprises.

Let’s talk about the heavy hitters on this list. The biggest favorite author of the year was Taylor Jenkins Reid, an author I had never heard of before.  She is securely on the list with one hit book The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, the story of an aging star and the reporter writing about her life.  Another big name was Cassandra Clare, the reigning queen of YA fantasy.  She’s on here for multiple books, and I’m beginning to think tat this woman never sleeps.  The book she released this year was Queen of Air and Darkness, bu her other books Lord of Shadows  and Lady Midnight still lingered in the favorite lists.  The third big author of the year was Sarah J Maas, another author I had never heard of, although I had heard of her series, A Court of Thorns and Roses.  The most interesting thing about Sarah J Maas being on the list that if she was present was that she was often featured with multiple books, a consistently favorited author.

Other authors that had big years included Marissa Meyer, of The Lunar Chronicles fame, Holly Black who was popular this year with The Cruel Prince and Stephen King who published four books this year.  Another lingerer was JK Rowling who showed up a surprising amount of times with Harry Potter.  So, if that tells us anything is that our favorite authors continue to be our favorites, and author loyalty is important.


A Thank You to All the Blogs I pulled books From!

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Thank I missed any big authors in my cloud? Let me know with a comment.

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